(Vol. 3) - $12.00

40 pages, full color. Curious Collection Skin cover stock in absynth.

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Designed by Shawn Moriarty

Issue Contributors

Ben Carver
Samantha Casey
Andy Nieczyperowicz
Stacy Rae Howe
René Capone
Chris Robinson
Victoria F. Gaitán
John Edmonds
Jacqueline Levine
Chelsea Odum
Becca Kallem
Andy Stone
Celeste Marie Welch
Lindsay Tauscher
Andrew Fogle
Jordi Hall
Annie Farrar
Eleanor Bennett
Emily Cunetto
Jon Lee
Brian Petro

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  • The zine is presented in a tyvek envelope.

  • Front cover, absynth color Skin stock from Curious Collection

  • title page

  • introduction

  • opening spread

  • interior pages

  • interior pages

  • interior pages

  • closing notes

  • inside back cover

  • back cover