Jun 6, 2013


Jason Edward Tucker, (Untitled) Sub Rosa, installation view

We have a BUNCH of updates on all the cool things The Boys have had their hands in recently, and are currently working on logistics for our next zine and exhibition! Get at us if you have ideas to share, spaces to suggest, or just want to talk! A few updates from the guys:

  • Big congrats to Armando, Jason, Nicholas and Rene on their graduation from the Corcoran College of Art + Design!
  • Armando Lopez Bircann launched new performance art initiative Animals & Fire, getting some love from Washington City Paper and Washingon Project for the Arts
  • Pussy Noir recently launched her updated website and premiered a new film made in collaboration with fellow BBG artist Christopher Cunetto called Jeux. She's also performing at DC Pride's official party on June 7, 2013: Spandex
  • Nicholas Abriola recently released his book of lucsious photographs Quintessence
  • Christopher Cunetto recently rocked some illustration work for both Metro Weekly and the Washington Post Express and launched a new pet project The Gay District, Illustrated
  • Daniel Rampulla made it into Shots Magazine, grab their current issue here
  • Andrew Fogle has several recent writings up on Jacobin Magazine here
  • Shawn Moriarty recently designed the brand identity for Booz Allen Hamilton's LGBT community GLOBE and just started in a new role at design firm O2 Lab
  • And stay tuned for some exciting news from both Armando and Jason!

Whew! Until next time...and make sure you sign up for our newsletter (to the right) to get the latest updates on our forthcoming exhibition and zine. We'll be sharing information on our next show, new artists, and call for submissions very soon.