Boys Be Good takeover SOAPBOX!

February 16, 2012
Hillyer Art Space

In February of 2012, Boys Be Good presented a night of three diverse performances at Hillyer Artspace as part of their performance series, SOAPBOX. The series aims to increase exposure to this critical, yet underrepresented, art form in Washington, DC. SOAPBOX's mission is to cultivate emerging talent and showcase the best that performance art has to offer.


Andrew sprang fully-formed from the needle-addled soil of Washington, D.C., sometime in late 2009. His poetic work is likely to stumble into themes of lack, trauma, dislocation, and ancient monstrosity, often in a stubbornly formalist way. He’s trying his best to remain faithful to his desire, he swears.
A Wesleyan grad, Devon works in social psychology, group dynamics, and the intersection of social networking with post-modern choreography. In his spare time, he dances on sidewalks.
Native to the Caribbean & USA's media culture, Armando works in an age of techno-wizardry. Wielding enchantment through shadows & light, he believes creative practices are capable of reaching out past race & culture. Challenging heteronormativity comes first hand. He is eager to question the posed and pose until questioned!
A nomadic west-coaster, Jason focuses on challenging the gaze through a concealment and confounding of the spectacle of gender and constructed identity. His work is both both fixed and performative, and advocates for the idea that gender and external identity are both performances - a series or system of repetitive actions honed by centuries of imposed social precedents. One rarely feels more like oneself than from behind a mask.